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IDTechEx 27-28 April, 2016 in Berlin, Germany
Meet you at IDTechEx!
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Final preperatory meeting before the crash test
Countdown - 1 day
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Preparing for AMBER-ULV event in Milan
Countdown - 4 days
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Daimler a role model in the way of zero CO2 E-Mobility
Countdown - 5 days
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Future rivalry - Bentley vs. Tesla
Countdown - 6 days
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European car sales on the rise
Countdown - 7 days
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Nissan's 2016 electric car bringing faulty telematics system in Europe
Countdown - 8 days
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Convert your car into a hybrid
Countdown – 11 days
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Opel Ampera-e as Europe’s Chevrolet Bolt EV
Countdown - 12 days
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Driverless cars, electric vehicles and car-sharing
Countdown - 13 days
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Amsterdam aims to be the first emission-free city in Europe
Countdown - 14 days
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Preparing for the crash test in Milano
Countdown - 15 days
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Danish partnership launches overview of publicly available charging stations
The Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance and the Danish Transport and Construction Agency have launched the first nationwide map, providing the users with an overview of the publically available charging stations for electric vehicles.
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European Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Congress
From the 1st – 4th December 2015 the EEVC-2015, The European Congress for Batteries, Hybrids and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, will take place in Brussels.
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Danish Government to Abolish Tax Exemption on Electric Vehicles.
The Danish Minister of Finance has recently presented the governments’ proposal for the 2016 budget negotiations. Within this, the government proposed to abolish the prolongation of tax exemptions on electric vehicles which was previously this year instated by the previous government.
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Copenhagen to introduce electric cars for car sharing
With its latest investment, the German transport corporation Arriva has, in cooperation with BMW, planned to instate 400 electric 3i BMW’s in Copenhagen. The cars are intended for car sharing and are to be available from September 2015.
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Norway - European front runner in E-Mobility
As a critical step in fulfilling the Norwegian government’s goal of reducing carbon emissions, the transport industry is faced with a comprehensive transformation in which both public transport and newly sold private vehicles are to be emissions-free by 2015.
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Car sharing schemes in US. based on European brand
​The French-made Bollore BlueCar electric two-seaters are now closer to arriving on the US market. Groups of Level 2 charging stations are popping up at curbsides all over the city of Indiana.
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Danish Government Proposes Prolongation of Tax Exemption on Electric Vehicles
Following months of industry lobbying, the Danish Government is now ready with a proposal to prolong the current tax exemption on electric vehicles until the end of 2016.
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Tesla presents in-home energy storage: the Powerwall
On its mission to enabling a zero emission power generation, Tesla introduces Tesla Energy – batteries for homes, businesses and vehicles, by fostering storage of energy from solar panels and increasing grid resilience.
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Electric vehicles conquer the Danish rental market
AVIS Car Rental Denmark, sets a world record in the largest single purchase of electrical vehicles and extents its green fleet to more than 900 cars.
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EU co-fund 200 charging points in France
TEN-T co-fund €5 million for a study and a pilot deployment of 200 charging points for electric vehicles on the main French highways
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EU Project Day on e-Mobility
On December 2nd 2014, the EU Project Day on e-Mobility will be held as a part of the European Electric Vehicle Congress in Brussels.
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CLEVER doubles the number of fast charging stations in Denmark
​CLEVER, a leading electric mobility infrastructure provider in Denmark doubles the number of fast charging stations and thereby expands its existing charging network. At the same time, it shortens the charging time down to 20-30 minutes for all electric vehicles. The development is part of a new strategy for electric mobility infrastructure that makes Denmark a more attractive country for deployment of electric vehicles.
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Clean Power for Transport
New EU rules have been adopted today to ensure the build-up of alternative refuelling points across Europe with common standards for their design and use, including a common plug for recharging electric vehicles.
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EV's gain market share
Superfast charging stations and reduced ownership costs are the main driving forces behind the boom of electric vehicles
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Formula E succesfully launched
Formula E team Amlin Aguri supported by Formtech participated in the first electric Grand Prix in Beijing
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Tesla Motors releases all their patents
As of this summer 2014 Tesla Motors release their patents
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Survey on Collision Safety Performance
Investigation of the collision safety performance is a part of the Survey on Safety of New Mobility Vehicles, submitted by the expert from Japan at the 55th GRSP (United Nations Working Party on Passive Safety).
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The UK makes £500 million investment in ultra-low emission vehicles
In the UK the Deputy Prime Minister from the Department of Transport announced that the government will invest £500 million to support the ultra-low emission vehicle industry and assist the drivers to both purchase and drive confidently electric cars.
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Small sized electric vehicles for city logistics
The positive effects from the small sized electric vehicles for urban good distribution will be long lasting, thus encouraging different stakeholders to invest time, efforts and resources into them.
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Effects of the batteries on the cost and deployment of the electric vehicles
Tesla Motors plans to invest in a large-scale factory in order to manufacture cheaper batteries for the mass electric car market in the following three years.
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AMBER-ULV Second Technical Meeting in Copenhagen
The Second Technical Meeting of the AMBER-ULV project took place in Copenhagen on February 12th and 13th 2014 at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. The participants were IMAGINE, EOS, NTU, SHERPA, IPA Fraunhofer, CESI, NOVA, University of Bologna, Formtech and TNO.
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Electric vehicles and the European Commission Urban Mobility Package
​The working paper of the European Commission entitled ”Together towards competitive and resource-efficient urban mobility”* focuses on determining rules of access for certain users and vehicles in the urban areas so that the urban mobility can be improved
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EU Alternative Fuels Strategy
Many Governments have established goals as far as the electric vehicles. In order to contribute to this process, the EU has released its “Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the deployment of alternative fuels and infrastructure”.
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New website
The new Amber-ULV homepage is today released. Here you will be able to read about the project and technological, financial and political news about ultra light vehicles in general and in particular on the Amber-ULV vehicle.
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