Future rivalry - Bentley vs. Tesla

Joining the league of electric vehicles, the British luxury brand Bentley, plans a fully-electric product as part of the company’s future portfolio.

The British luxury brand aims at creating a competitor for the Tesla Model S and an initial idea for this is that it could come as the two-seater Speed 6 concept car, as stated by Bentley’s board member in charge of engineering, Rolf Frech.

Frech also stated that Bentley’s electric car could borrow some of its components from the Porche Mission E that made an amazing impression at Frankfurt’s motor show in 2015.

"We are currently in the stage where we are evaluating all the possibilities, but there are so many question marks behind this. I think there will be an answer within the next six months to a year to decide which direction we will go, but of course electric will be a future strategy direction for Bentley."

While not giving more details about the fully-electric vehicle plans, Bentley is planning a plug-in hybrid version of all future models, kicking off with the Bentayga in 2017. Frech also confirmed that the next generation of Continental GT family, Flying Spur four door, GTC convertible and the Mulsanne limousine will offer electric assistance.

We are looking forward to how this exciting competition evolves and what Bentley will bring to the electric vehicles market.

​Read more on: http://www.drive.com.au/motor-news/bentleys-electric-car-plans-revealed-20160207-gmnzhd.html


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