Daimler a role model in the way of zero CO2 E-Mobility

With plans of 30 million euros investment for extending its charging infrastructure, the German multinational automotive corporation is aiming towards zero CO2 E-mobility. Daimler is planning to offer its management employees vehicles with alternative drive systems to become role models on the way of zero-emission driving. 

Since April 2015 managerial staff from different levels is driving battery-electric-powered B 250 after a pilot test held in Stuttgart. Harald Kröger, involved in this project and the one responsible for Daimler’s E-Drive development states:

"I can only commend to my colleagues to experience themselves over a longer period the viability of our battery-electric vehicles in everyday use. I never cease to be amazed by their completely silent electric "cruising" ability and yet at the same time by the impressively sporty nature of the electric drive system, which immediately places its full torque at disposal of any engine speed."

For expansion of their plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and infrastructure 30 million euros will be invested. The infrastructure will make it accessible and time convenient. 556 charging points are implemented in Stuttgart for Daimler’s managers and employees.

This will bring about the expansion of product portfolio with plug-in hybrid drive systems.

Source: http://www.fleeteurope.com/news/daimler-aims-zero-co2-e-mobility


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