The UK makes £500 million investment in ultra-low emission vehicles

In the UK the Deputy Prime Minister from the Department of Transport announced that the government will invest £500 million to support the ultra-low emission vehicle industry and assist the drivers to both purchase and drive confidently electric cars. The ultra-low emissions vehicles (ULEV) manufacturing is a basic part of the present and future economic growth. The investment will last from 2015 until 2020 and will create job positions, reduce the emissions and guide the industry, towns and cities in the path of green technology.

The £500 million investment will:

-​create local areas for “Ultra Low City Status”,

-​will result in jobs and innovations,

-​potentially end the “range anxiety” and

-​save money for the consumers.

The “Ultra Low City Status” in the cities means incentives for the drivers of green cars including allowing them to use bus lanes or free parking places and investment in cleaner taxis and buses. The creation of jobs and innovations includes opening of skilled jobs, which will have positive impact down the supply chain. The end of the “range anxiety” suggests investment in rapid charging points where the car can be charged in 20 minutes. Finally the consumers will save money being provided with car grants of £5,000 off the upfront cost.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister from the Department of Transport the UK can become world leader in manufacturing, development and design of these vehicles to ensure green and clean journeys. The aim of the investment is to make the driving of an electric car affordable, comfortable and eliminating range concerns, but also assisting in the culture change in the UK towns and cities.

Sources: Press release. (2014).​Deputy Prime Minister takes 'green' cars up a gear.​Available: Last accessed 07/05/2014


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