CLEVER doubles the number of fast charging stations in Denmark

Good news for all electric vehicle drivers

CLEVER wants to be at the front in terms of making it attractive to invest in electric vehicles in Denmark. CLEVER’s charging network is therefore being upgraded to comply with the standards for connectors and to quickly charge all electric vehicles at 263 new charging points. In total, with the plan for 2015, CLEVER will have more than 543 charging points providing opportunity for 22 kW, 43 kW and 50 kW charging. It means more than a doubling of fast charging possibilities for electric vehicles in Denmark.

CLEVER’s plan for 2015 represents a massive improvement in the Danish infrastructure for electric vehicles, making Denmark even more attractive for international car manufacturers to introduce their electric vehicles for Danish costumers.

63 new multi fast charging stations

The majority of the new charging stations – 63 in total – will be multi fast charging stations with three different connectors: CHAdeMO, Combo 2 and Type 2, which can charge all electric vehicles up to 80% of the battery’s capacity within 20-30 minutes, including Volkswagen, BMW, Tesla, Renault and Nissan.

CLEVER already considered both a number of new locations for fast charging stations and the existing charging stations for replacement and upgrading, which will be equipped with three types of connectors. All the charging stations are located so they provide the driver to with an opportunity to use time efficiently while charging, e.g. charging vehicles while shopping.

CLEVER opened its first of the 63 fast charging stations in Ringsted and have tested its performance. The next station will be opened on 31 November 2014 in Slagelse, where there will be fast charging possibilities for all electric vehicles.


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