Electric vehicles conquer the Danish rental market

By its recent purchase of 461 electric vehicles from Nissan, AVIS Car Rental Denmark, sets a world record in the largest purchase of electrical vehicles and extents its green fleet to more than 900 cars.

For the second year in a row, AVIS Car Rental has broken the world record in the largest purchase of electric vehicles. In 2014 AVIS purchased 400 Nissan LEAF and the model has been such a success that the company by now can report that it is completely sold out. This success has therefore also led CEO of AVIS Denmark, Kasper Gjested, to conclude that “from my perspective, the electric vehicle had its breakthrough in 2014”.

Having succeeded in convincing, not only the private care owners, but also the public sector about the advantages of renting electric cars, AVIS has therefore, with its newest purchase, also extended its potential customer base. Of the 461 new electric vehicles, 75% are for passenger use, while the remaining 25% are vans. AVIS now rents out three types of electric vehicles – the passenger car Nissan LEAF, the bigger and more spacious Nissan EV Evalia, and the electric van Nissan e-NV200.

The new e-NV200 has, however, not only been warmly welcomed by AVIS. Other European countries has also received the model well and in Italy the transport company DHL has purchased the model for its delivery services in both Rome and Milan.

Continued success in jeopardy

Although the Danes apparently have positively received the use of green transportation, Kasper Gjested has no doubt that the interest will disappear if the existing tax exemption on electric vehicles is not prolonged. According to the current laws, electric vehicles will from the beginning of 2016 again be subject to an 180% taxation.

For the moment, the question of the future taxation on electric vehicles, however, remains unsolved, but a prolongation of the tax exemption has been recommended by the governments’ climate commission.

In 2014 there was in Denmark sold 1.575 electric vehicles, which is the equivalent of the total number of entities sold from 2011-2013.


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