Tesla presents in-home energy storage: the Powerwall

CEO of Tesla Motors recently announced their newest invention, the Powerwall, a home battery system created to store electricity from solar panels and thereby power homes and electric vehicles. Allowing for such storage, Tesla has thus taken a step against the business models of power companies that often charge a higher price for electricity during the evening peak hours than during hours of low demand. Moreover, the Powerwall also secures your home against power outrages by providing a power backup and all-in-all Tesla therefore presents the Powerwall as their attempt of freeing the consumers from the utility grid.

The Powerwall comes in a 10 kWh version at $3,500 and a 7 hWh version at $3,000 and fits both on the outside and the inside of the wall. Being connected to the internet, Musk proclaimed that the system can create “smart microgrids” and thus be used as a redundancy system that potentially can make homeowners independent from the power grid.

The Powerwall has been testing for years and has already been sold to a specially selected group of customers. Integrating the Powerwall and Tesla Motors, the Powerwall has by Tesla been envisioned to store solar panel power during the day while the families are away from home, and then used to re-charge their electric vehicles at night. The battery can also be used for absorbing surplus power and selling this back to the grid, whereby supply and demand are evened out.  


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