Copenhagen to introduce electric cars for car sharing

Having seen a vast increase in the market for car sharing over the past years, the German Transport Corporation Arriva has now decided to take the concept to the next level in Copenhagen. After successes with car sharing fleets using different propulsion types in metropoles such as London, Berlin and Amsterdam, a strictly electrical fleet of 400 BMW 3i’s is now to be spread throughout the Danish capital.

Being the 9th metropole worldwide to introduce the concept of public car sharing, Copenhagen will thus not only tackle the increasing problems with overcrowded roads, but simultaneously, the use of electric cars will also contribute to a greener environment.

The BMW i3 will have a range of between 130-160 kilometres and the model is therefore ideally suited for urban transport. The cars will be booked through the use of a free application on your smartphone and in cooperation with the company “Rejsekort A/S” an already existing electronic bus pass will be used for payment.

According to, the charging stations and the power for recharging the 400 electric vehicles will be provided by the energy company E.ON. 


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