European Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Congress

The European Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Congress will, as prescribed by tradition, take place in Brussels from the 1st – 4th December 2015.

The Congress will seek to strengthen its position as a global platform to foster exchange of views between the R&D, the industry, the authorities, end-users and the NGO’s actors, in order to develop synergies in the field of e-Mobility.

Due to different motivations and constraints among the stakeholders, the EEVC will set out to help defining themost promising solutions for market introduction and take-off. In doing so, both the research and development process, as well as the environmental and economic constraints will be taken into account.

Additionally, the Congress will entail a discussion and analysis of previous experiences, in order to secure identification of best practices and best way forward for the introduction of e-Mobility in everyday life. Moreover, policy aspects, such as new mobility concepts, noise and health factors will also be on the programme of the Congress.

For additional information on the EEVC and for an overview of the programme, please visit the EEVC webpage


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