Danish partnership launches overview of publicly available charging stations

With the launch of the first overview of the publically available charging stations for electric vehicles, the Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance and the Danish Transport and Construction Agency have granted the Danish electric vehicle drivers access to a nationwide platform mapping the available charging stations.

Being one of the countries with the most developed infrastructure for the charging of electric vehicles, the users are now provided with an easily accessible platform providing information about, not only the charging stations provided by the operators EON, Clever and Cleancharge, but also the stations available at hotels, restaurants, municipalities and other public institutions.

According to project manager Anders Jelstrup from the Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance, there has been a demand for such a platform for quite some time and the alliance is therefore proud finally to be able to present such. Jelstrup informs, that the operators have committed themselves to keeping the information up to date, which he believes will contribute greatly to the clarity within the business.

The development of the overview has been supported by the Danish Transport and Construction Agency and according to Head of Division, Janni Torp Kjærgaard, it has been a natural next step to gather the information from the various actors on the market and she further believes that it will greatly contribute to both the transparency and information available.

The overview will be based on an open database, which will be freely accessible for app and web developers to use for the development of apps and map services.

The overview is available through the following link:http://ladekort.danskelbilalliance.dk/


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