Convert your car into a hybrid

Researchers from eProLab at the Univrsity of Salerno, Italy, developed the HySolarKit project aiming at converting the conventional car into a hybrid. Using kinetic energy and flexible solar panels to recharge the car battery, the device can produce up to two kilowatts per hour, translated into 25 percent of the necessary energy for a car to operate in urban areas.

Gianfranco Rizzo, Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering at Salerno University, states that photovoltaics is revolutionary. Further, he explains that the method of transforming solar energy into current electricity used in operating cars, creates the synergy of nature and mobility.

For the car to operate in pure electric mode or in hybrid mode, two electric motors are attached in the rear wheels and coupled to the battery.

The price of the kit will be around 3.000 euros and the break-even is envisioned to be reached after 3 years.


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