EU Alternative Fuels Strategy

Electric vehicles are continuing to penetrate the automotive market and their shares are likely to increase, although their market deployment are still facing certain challenges. The consumers are primarily concerned about the price, the resale value and the distance they can reach with one charge. However, another major challenge is the creation of sustainable charging infrastructure, also its scale and location. Many Governments have established goals as far as the electric vehicles. In order to contribute to this process, the EU has released its “Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the deployment of alternative fuels and infrastructure”.

The guidelines that the Directive gives refer to each Member State. They include national policy frameworks which focus on the targets, measures and future development of the alternative fuels infrastructure. The Commission will have the responsibility to follow, assess and publish the commitments of the Member States and provide information about the number of recharging points accessible to the public.

A significant impact of the Directive on the future of the electric vehicles will be that the Member States will be asked to provide an appropriate number of recharging points that will be made publicly accessible following the technical and safety requirements set at national and EU level. The Member States will have to ensure that operators of recharging points accessible to the public are free to purchase electricity from any EU electricity supplier, subject to the supplier’s agreements.

One of the positive outcomes of the Directive will be effective charging infrastructure. Another advantage will be the increased confidence of the consumers in relation to the electric vehicles, their potential and permanent presence on the automotive market. Also, more trust in the serious intentions of the Governments to support the electric vehicles will be gained. Combined with other efforts like the dissemination of knowledge about the electric vehicles, free trials and reduction in the prices due to Government incentives or decisions made by the manufacturing companies, the electric vehicles will manage to improve their position on the automotive market and reach to both the public and the private consumers.

The AMBER-ULV partners are following this process closely.


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