Conferences, Trade Shows and Events​

Below, you will find information about future scheduled conferences, trade shows and events hosted all around Europe ​to spread and further develop the use of electric vehicles.

31.august 2015: Final GO4SEM Event (Brussels, BE)

The final event of the GO4SEM project which has aimed to detect and analyse technology and product needs in emerging electric mobility supply chains in global automotive markets outside Europe. The final event of the project will be an opportunity to present findings on the global markets situation and to raise awareness on future trends in e-mobility, mechanism and business opportunities, particularly for European SMEs specifically focusing on ICT.

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24. September 2015: GreenFleet Arrive ‘n’ Drive (Rockingham, UK)

An exhibition of more than 100 types of vehicles, with electric and range-extended technology featuring prominently.

For additional information, please visit the exhibition website:

09-10. September 2015: Cennex Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2015 (Millbrook, UK)

The event aimes to showcase UK capabilities, positioning the UK as a leader in LCV technology development and exploitation. Build organisations’ awareness and confidence to adopt Low Carbon Vehicle technologies in vehicles and in fleet operations.

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16-17. September 2015: Smart(e)* Urban Mobility - Today and Tomorrow - Final Congress of the EU Project CEMOBIL (Klagenfurt, AT) 

​The final congress of the EU project "CEMOBIL". Here the results from the project will be unveiled and it will be assessed how close society is to a solution where urban mobility will be a​ smart(e)​one:​sustainable (long-lasting,)​ multimodal (distances will be travelled using several means and modes of transport),achievable (affordable for everyone),​rapid (fast, without waiting time when changing transport modes),​touchable (simple to use and to book along the entire distance via smart phone),​electric (electric or zero-emission vehicle drive systems). 

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24. September 2015: Let’s Innovate – ACEM 2015 Conference (Brussels, BE)

Let’s innovate! will bring together key policy-makers, vehicle manufacturers and other stakeholders to discuss the contribution of L-category vehicles (i.e. motorcycles, mopeds, tricycles and quadricycles) to both Europe’s mobility and industrial competitiveness.

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01-02. October 2015: EV 2015 – Electrical Vehicle Conference and Show 2015 (Bucharest, RO)

The 12th international conference for electric vehicles will give its participants the opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience and opinions amongst a vast area of representatives from the industry. The conference will focus on topics such as energy sources, storage of energy, infrastructure for electric mobility and policies and strategies in the field of electric mobility. 

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05-09. October 2015: 22nd ITS World Congress (Bordeaux, FR)

The 22nd ITS World Congress contains topical discussions of the possible solutions for sustainable mobility. This topic will etc. contain discussions of the electrification of road transport and the challenges and opportunities this may cause. 

For additional information, please visit the congress website: 

20-22. October 2015: eCarTec Munich 2015: 7th International B2B Trade Fair for Electric & Hybrid Mobility (Munich, DE)

As part of the World Mobility Summit, eCarTec takes places at the world’s largest trade fair for electric and hybrid mobility. With over 70 international speakers, the WORLD MOBILITY SUMMIT will have two parallel sessions. Visitors range from engineers and designers to professional buyers, city, fleet, taxi and carsharing, and tourism managers.

For additional information, please visit the fair website:

22-23. October 2015: Driving Green 2015 (Copenhagen, DK) 

​The exhibition focuses on the different products, methods and solutions that can contribute to decreasing CO2 emissions. At the event there will be representatives from the various stakeholders, such as the public institutions, business organisations and private companies with a great need for transports of goods etc. 

For additional information, please visit the exhibition website:

27. October 2015: EUROBAT Presentation of the E-mobility battery R&D Roadmap 2030 (Brussels, BE)

Further progress in hybridisation and e-mobility brings considerable opportunities in terms of job creation, economic growth, energy security, health and environmental protection. Batteries are at the very heart of this shift and EUROBAT is convinced that they should receive recognition at the European and national levels.​The event will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the findings of the EUROBAT Roadmap and in general priorities, challenges and possibilities for Europe.

For additional information, please visit the event website:

27-28. October 2015: Zerokonferansen 2015: De Grønne Spydspissene (Oslo, NO)

This conference includes activities on the power supply for electric vehicles, including cars, busses and ferries. Moreover there will also be an event on how to cut carbon emissions from the transport sector up till 2030.

For additional information, please visit the conference website:

01-04. December 2015: EEVC-2015, European Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Congress (Brussels, BE)

The​ European Electric Vehicle Congress​ is a key platform to foster exchange of views between the​ R&D, the ​industry, the authorities, end-users​ and the NGO’s actors, and thereby further develop​ synergies ​in the field of eMobility. To ensure optimal connection with the representatives of the European Institutions, the congress is hosted in Brussels.

For additional information, please visit the congress website:

15-16. March 2016: 16th Stuttgart International Symposium (Stuttgart, DE)

The Stuttgart International Symposium is established as one of the most important discussion forums in the field of vehicle and engine development with about 900 participants. More than 100 presentations of this international event and the parallel technical exhibition combine proven solutions with innovative concepts.

For additional information, please visit the event website:

18-21. April 2016: TRA Conference (Warsaw, PL)

TRA2016 Conference will contribute to innovation in sustainable mobility for Europe, by bringing together all the stakeholders of the transport system. Efficient mobility is a key issue for policy makers. Enabling the free movement of people and goods is crucial to economic prosperity and quality of life.​

For additional information, please visit the conference website 

27-28. April 2016: Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing (Berlin, DE)

​The event "Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing" will showcase the advances made and planned by researchers and technology developers for land, water and air vehicles. This year we showcase the big new move to integration in place of components-in-a-box.

For additional information, please visit the event website:

04-19. October 2016: The Paris Motor Show (Paris, FR)

Besides showcasing a wide range of traditionally fueled vehicles, the Paris Motor Show also offers the participants a wide range of alternatively fueled vehicles, including passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, accessories and parts and services. The show also entails a testing centre for electric and hybrid vehicles.

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