​Work package 8

​The global objective of WP 8 “Exploitation of Knowledge and Dissemination” is to ensure that the knowledge and experience generated in the AMBER-ULV project is effectively distributed both to the wider public and inside the partnership, thus raising awareness of the achievements of the AMBER-ULV project through various

channels. This entails an international transfer of project results and promising

Electric Resilient Ultra Light

Vehicle solutions to major European stakeholders, hence favouring further exploitation of the achievement and results. To facilitate this multiplier effect WP 8 will explicitly foster the transfer of approaches and best practices to cover all the aspects related to:

1) Exploitation and dissemination activities including the promotion of new specific activities focused on

technology transfer and marketing of project results to potential user industries aimed at favouring the industrial

application of the project results,

2) Management of all the IPR related issues.

3) Full impact and exploitation evaluation of the project results

4) Technology transfer and SME derivatives

​The specific objectives are:

  • To disseminate AMBER-ULV knowledge on industry and EU level
  • To determine the critical success factors in stimulating the market uptake of new sustainable vehicle technology and other innovations for ultra light vehicles.
  • To develop a series of supporting measures promoting the implementation and market uptake of ultra light vehicles.
  • To develop business and commercial models for the ultra light vehicle exploitation by the private sector.
  • To maintain business networking with potential EV final users, producers and operators
  • To publish and communicate project results

The tasks within WP8 are:

  • ​AMBER-ULV Communication Plan
  • Knowledge management and IPR​

  • Impact assessment/Exploitation plan updating​

  • Innovation management​

  • Develop, distribute and support outreach articles/releases for European media (rolling activities


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